Looking for investment properties? There are lots of opportunities to invest in Mobile and Baldwin County.

Why Mobile?

• 1.2 million people with a median age of 37 living within 60 miles

• Low cost of Living: 92.9 on ACCRA’s 100 point scale (ACCRA, 2nd Quarter 2014)

• Multi-modal transportation network in the Gulf Coast Region, including 2 interstates, 2 airports, 5 Class-I railroads, and the Port of Mobile

• Significant medical community to serve the U.S. Gulf Coast market, including numerous specialized research institutions such as the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute

• Protected from major Gulf Coast storms by Mobile Bay

• Recognized for its ability to recruit foreign investment, including more than 40 foreign companies representing more than 20 countries

• Mobile and the state of Alabama have proven to be a leader in the ability to form and sustain partnerships at local and state level for the betterment of the community

• Recognized by well-respected economic development journals for landing top U.S. industrial projects such as the Airbus Final Assembly Line in 2012

• Ranked 3rd among “Top 10 U.S. Metros with the Highest Economic Growth Potential” by Business Facilities magazine (June 2014)

• Ranked 10th among “Top U.S. Cities on the Rise” by NerdWallet (August, 2013)

• Well-positioned to succeed in the global marketplace in eight key industries: Aviation/Aerospace, Chemical, Healthcare, IT/High-Tech, Logistics/Distribution, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Steel  

Joe Steen Real Estate & Development has 18 years experience in commercial real estate. As a result, the firm is strategically positioned to capitalize on the vast opportunities in the Mobile/Baldwin County market and provide a multitude of commercial real estate services.

Why invest in Mobile & Baldwin County?
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